Wipit Account Transfers

Send cash instantly to other Mobile Wallet Plus accounts from the Mobile Wallet app using your Android smartphone. It’s a simple way to pay a friend back, or quickly send cash to a family member who needs it.

Payback is sweet (and instant)

  • Fast transfers
    Transferred funds are instantly in the Mobile Wallet app, through the reloadable Visa Prepaid card, or at an ATM
  • Send freely
    Pay no fees for Wipit Account Transfers during a special introductory period
  • You're in control:
    Accept or decline transfers, so you stay in control of your account
Sending cash with a Wipit Account Transfer is easy using the Mobile Wallet app. Simply select a Mobile Wallet Plus account to transfer cash to. The app will ask you how much you want to transfer (up to $500 per transfer*) and to attach an optional note to the recipient. You'll have a chance to review the transfer before it's final. Once you've approved the order, your recipient will be notified and able to accept or decline the transfer. If accepted, the funds are instantly available to them. For your convenience, you can view the status of recent account transfers in the Mobile Wallet app at any time.

* Sender and recipient may be limited to transfer amounts under the maximum by account load, spend and other account transfer limits.

How is this different from a money transfer?

Wipit Account Transfer Send Money with Ria
Transfer money only within the U.S. Send money internationally or in the U.S.
Funds available instantly via a Mobile Wallet Plus account upon acceptance Funds available in minutes; requires the recipient to pick up at a specified location
Requires a Mobile Wallet Plus account to receive funds Does not need require a Mobile Wallet or Mobile Wallet Plus account to receive funds
Send up to $500 per Wipit Account Transfer Send up to $999 per money transfer order
Wipit Account Transfers are free during a special introductory period that ends 12/31/2013. Wipit may extend the promotion at their discretion.
Wipt Account Transfers is a service available to Mobile Wallet Plus accounts in the U.S.

A Mobile Wallet Plus account is required to send and receive funds.